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worst customer service I have EVER experienced! Contradicted everything I said from how much money I make a year.

Is it because I'm Hispanic that I couldn't possibly make the money I stated that I made? Salesman tried to make me out to be a liar with how much I was offered for my car as a trade in at another dealership. Girls Amanda and Dominic who answered the phones when I called to complain to a manager were rude spoke to me in a way you couldn't imagine. Kept me on hold for 10 minutes each of the 3 times I called back to speak to a manager.

Conveniently a manager was not able to speak to me At all. Were so unprofessional that they couldn't even give me the number to their corporate office because I wanted to complain to someone. Told me they didn't have that information in the store! How do you not have that information?

It's your corporate office!! I am a manager in retail and I know that every store has access to that kind of information.

My parents have tried buying cars from them as well and always had a bad experience as well! I'm a young woman who knows a lot of people so they didn't just lose me as a customer they lost everyone I know plus more!

Monetary Loss: $23000.

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Wow, they sound really racist! Glad you made this post because many of us from the LatinoHispanic community can avoid them and every other minority then maybe they will take some cultural or diversity classes and respect all types of people in the USA. Glad I read this because I was just going to check them out for a 2014 Nissan..not a chance now, gonna try Huntington or Bronx Nissan...Really, they have a lot of nerve!

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