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I tried to purchase a 2010 Nissan Frontier. Every thing seemed fine until I went to pick up the car.

I am a retired teacher and own a home in Florida and when I spoke to the salesman he said that would not be a problem to buy it as if I was in Florida. When I met with the finance person he said I couldn't do that and I said then keep the truck. He then became arrogant and eventually he called me a "***". Well needless to say anyone who attempts to do business with these people will get the same treatment.

Beware! You would be crazy to buy a car from these people.


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Thank you Ahem, NY state resident should go and try to buy a car from the automall and then post back, I really doubt if he would be praising them.


@ NY State Resident:

fyi wherever the car is REGISTERED then that is where the tax will be paid. You make it sound as if the potential buyer is getting around the system. ***


I recently bought a Hyundai at Atlantic Auto Mall. I figured out the financing with interest before I got there and when they gave me the bill with the monthly amount it was $15 more per month than my calculation.

When I brought it to the salespersons attention he brought it to the finance manager who quickly corrected it and said it was a "calculation error." This is obviously a lie. If I didn't notice this it would have cost me an extra $900 by the time I paid the car off. It is this type of fraud that should be investigated and shut down.

The sad part is that Advantage Hyundai is even more dishonest. A salesman there named Eric tried to add $395 fee at the end of our negotiations without me noticing and when I said something he said it was a DMV fee, which was a lie.

Ambrosden, England, United Kingdom #160076

So basically you're upset that the dealership wouldn't let you commit fraud? I'm going off the assumption that you wanted to purchase the car "as if you lived in Florida" in save on sales tax (or some other charges owed to NY state). BRAVO Atlantic Automall!

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