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I bought a extended warranties for both my Hyundai a 2010 Santa Fe and 2011 Sonata. I was told that it would extend coverage any loss other than durable parts (Light bulbs, Breaks,tires, belts etc.) at 100% but, when my radio in the Santa Fe broke they informed me that only $300 of $485 was covered. They lied to me and got me to purchase a program that was no way what they explained to me. They also reneged on other promises they made to me at... Read more

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I bought a car at Atlantic auto mall and waited all day while they said they would take care of all paperwork and anything I would need to get the car on the road. 7 months later I found they neglected to inform my car insurance company there was a lean on the car and it would need full coverage. It is illegal to have a financed car in NY without out full coverage, but because of their mistakes I drove out of the dealership with no collison. ... Read more

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Atlantic Auto Mall - Atlantic Chevy Sold me a Lemon
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Atlantic Chevy sold me a 2010 Chevy Equinox. Certified,with an extended warranty. The first 24hrs it was towed back to the dealer. its been a nightmare. I had to protest in front of the dealership to get them to work on my car. My car stalls out without any warning. loss of power. Every time I bring it back they replace part after part. Still stalls out. I was almost killed on RT95 when it stalled out. The worst dealership ever!!!!I started... Read more

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I got a letter in the mail stating I could get a newer model as I had purchased cars there before. I went in ,they checked my credit and said I needed a co-signer and a lot of money as a down payment. When I said I had neither of the two, they thanked me for coming and told me they couldn't help me. Plus they make you purchase extended warranties that you don't need and its all bs. Salespeople are very aggressive especially that Sandra woman.... Read more

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This is my second time dealing with West Islip Atlantic Auto Mall. This was the worst experience I ever had! Lied to about my "New" lease that was bubble wrapped for me. Turned out it was the show room car that had over 200 miles. Finance guy was a creep. Girl who had me sign paper work had no personality. Then I had issues with my windows and custom service SUCKS! I even called the manager an ***. They called me to ask if I was happy with the... Read more

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Awful experience trying to buy a used car. Kept trying to put me in cars over my budget and telling me "we'd make it work". Of course, ended up being more than I wanted to spend and sold a car to someone else I put a deposit on. The finance guy is a slime ball. Thought I was ridiculous for not wanting to pay more. Actually patted himself on the back for "getting me such a great deal". Not a great deal for me and will NEVER, EVER return. Read more

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worst customer service I have EVER experienced! Contradicted everything I said from how much money I make a year. Is it because I'm Hispanic that I couldn't possibly make the money I stated that I made? Salesman tried to make me out to be a liar with how much I was offered for my car as a trade in at another dealership. Girls Amanda and Dominic who answered the phones when I called to complain to a manager were rude spoke to me in a way you... Read more

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just like to inform the potential buyer of where that brand new car is located that your paying a destination charge for. the brand new ride is actually located off grand blvd and sonia rd. in the sand pits thats right that brand new car is parked in dirt mud and snow. you might wanna think twice about purchasing them. there used to be a park and they took it down so they can park there cars there that shows how much they care about the... Read more

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Purchased a used Hyudai from Atlantic Volkswagen and got charged for four optional programs I did not agree to. I did not even realize this until I saw my loan payoff amount. I wanted to by the car cash but was denied. So it was the plan from the beginning to rip me off in the finance office. When I went back to complain about what had happened I was told that the paperwork is all in order and the numbers add up. There was no concern that I did... Read more

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When I was making the deal with the Javon I agreed to $500 a month, Then I went into to Stanley Sigerson office to finish of the deal, however when I get there everything is all changed from $500 to $689.93 a month. Stanley Sigerson said only because my credit was fair I had to pay $689.93 and after 6 months my payments would be $500 a month. For the first 6 months it would be $689.93 dollars, after the six months he was going to use the money... Read more

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